About 222 Water

This beautiful mixed-use property is smartly located one block north of Park Central Square and shares the neighborhood with Brick City, Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC), Founders Park, and the Idea X Factory. It includes two large apartments on the 2nd floor with private garages, and up to 2625sf of commercial space on the first floor and 2050sf basement with an adjoining parking lot for approximately 16 cars. Beautifully renovated, but suited for customization for a variety of commercial tenants.

222 Water Plans

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222 Water Street : Apartment A 222 Water Street : Apartment B


  • Commercial

    AVAILABLE! First Floor: +/-2,780 sq. ft. (leasable 2,625) reception area, private offices, conference room & kitchen. Brick and carpeted floors (new to be installed for tenant), painted drywall & wood paneled walls. Full use of parking lot and shared lobby with front and rear entrance. Discount priced at $9.50/sf/yr or $2,078/mo. Can be subdivided or combined with Basement. Address = 328 N. Boonville, Suite 100.

    AVAILABLE! Basement: +/- 2,830 sq. ft. (leasable 2,055) with large open office area, private office, new carpet, painted dry wall, natural light, and private entrance off the parking lot and shared lobby. Bargain priced at $7.00/sf/yr or $1,195/mo. Can be combined with First Floor. Address = 328 N. Boonville, Suite B100.

  • Residential

    Second Floor Apartments: One of the most beautiful buildings downtown. The kitchens are newly renovated with black granite countertops and S/S appliances, including a built-in microwave and wine refrigerator. A washer/ dryer, built-in ironing board, central vacuum, and other unique features make this a place to call home for a long time.

    Unit A: LEASED! This gorgeous loft is one of our favorites! The open, yet defined, floor plan with one bathroom is a generous 1250 square feet is priced at $995/mo with a one car garage, with discounts available for multi-year leases. LEASED!

    Unit B: AVAILABLE! This huge one bedroom loft encompasses 1825 square feet and features a large outdoor balcony. This one and one-half bathroom unit has a luxurious master suite that has to be seen to believe. It is priced at $1,495 with a two car garage, with discounts available for multi-year leases. AVAILABLE!

  • Discounts

    Commercial Leases may be eligible for discounts depending on the size of the lease premise, length of lease term, and infill requirements. Any discounts will be negotiated prior to lease execution.

    Our residential leases are offered at a minimum of a one-year term. However, for those residents willing to sign a longer lease, you will be rewarded with a lower monthly payment. A discount of $50 per month will be applied for a two-year lease, with an additional $25 per month for each year (up to 3 additional years) your lease is extended at signing. The maximum discount offered is $100 per month for a 4 year lease.

    For example: If the base rent for a one year lease is $995, $945 for a 2 year lease ($50/month discount), $920 for a 3 year lease ($75/month discount), $895 for a 3 year lease ($100/month discount.


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