About 400 Place

Located in the heart of downtown, 400 Place has its finger on the pulse of Springfield. It’s all here at the prime intersection of Walnut and Jefferson. A premiere venue for shopping, dining, playing, and living, 400 Place also offers luxury living and working space. In the era of downtown renovation, 400 Place shines as it combines all the amenities you’ve come to expect in a major metropolitan area. As if that’s not enough, downtown Springfield awaits in its entirety only footsteps away. Come experience a lifestyle only 400 Place can offer. For more information please call (417) 865-0200 or (417) 766-5800.

400 Place Plans

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Jericho Development Plans
Jericho Development Plans
Jericho Development Plans


  • Pricing

    400 Place offers a variety of commercial spaces. The available commercial space in 400 Place is currently FULL, however we have space available in other great downtown properties. Contact us today to see our availability!

    Our residential loft apartments are value priced depending on the number of bedrooms, overall size, and location within the building. The base rent for our 1 bedroom luxury unit is $745, and our 2 bedroom luxury unit is $1045. Our Deluxe 2 bedroom units range between $845 and $945. We also have leasing specials and other discounts that you should be sure and ask us about!

  • Discounts

    Our residential leases are offered at a minimum of a one-year term. However, for those residents willing to sign a longer lease, you will be rewarded with a lower monthly payment. A discount of $25 per month will be applied for each year (up to 4 years) your lease is extended at signing. The maximum discount offered is $100 per month for a 5 year lease.

    For example: If the base rent for a one year lease is $895, $870 for a 2 year lease ($25/month discount), $845 for a 3 year lease ($50/month discount), $820 for a 4 year lease ($75/month discount), $795 for a 5 year lease ($100/month discount)

  • Information

    • Shared resident amenities in beautifully appointed 3-story atrium
    • Fully fire-sprinkled building and apartments
    • Key-pad entry for 24-hour security and guest screening
    • On-site Laundry
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Significant discount on “expanded-basic” cable television service
    • Other amenities and discounted services
    • Student restricted-Non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students upon approval.


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